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Commercial Banking

Access funding, enhance liquidity, and gain the flexibility to capitalize on opportunities with customized solutions for your unique needs.
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Commercial Lending

Solve business challenges with financing and lending solutions structured to your immediate needs and long-term goals.

Commercial Loans

  1. Lines of Credit

    Gain access to customized lines of credit to meet your recurring and unforeseen cash flow needs. NexBank can structure a predictable and consistent level of financing that provides our clients with access to capital when they need it. These credit lines can help you prepare for the changing cash flow needs of your business and allow you to take advantage of opportunities as they arise.

  2. Term Loans

    To help our clients refinance existing debt, fund acquisitions, capital improvements or meet other long-term financial needs, we offer financing solutions with flexible loan and repayment terms to help you invest in your business.

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Real Estate Lending

Our dedicated and deeply experienced banking team offers speed and certainty of closure so you can put your business on the path for success. Real estate developers, owners and investors gain greater flexibility with financing specialized for all project stages.

  1. Interim Bridge Financing

    Our clients turn to us for short-term financing solutions to meet their immediate capital requirements so they can move projects forward until permanent financing or the next stage of funding is obtained.

  2. Permanent Financing

    To achieve your long-term goals, NexBank offers permanent loan programs for institutional, commercial and multi-family residential properties.

  3. Mini-Permanent Financing

    We provide short-term financing to cover outstanding loans for income-generating development projects still in the pipeline.

  4. Refinancing

    Our lending group delivers timely recommendations and underwriting services so you can take advantage of more favorable rates and terms.

  5. Owner-Occupied Real Estate

    Our bankers assist you in finding the best funding solution to acquire, expand, develop or refinance properties which will be occupied by your business.

  6. Construction and Development

    We provide financing focused on builders’ and developers’ diverse capital needs, throughout construction and development phases to ensure timely funding and successful completion.

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Financial Institutions

Facing the same challenges, we offer solutions to fund growth and expansion and improve earnings. Our professionals offer unique expertise that help institutions strengthen their financial position and enhance their competitive edge.

  1. Revolving Lines of Credit and Holding Company Term Loans

    Be fully prepared to take advantage of any opportunity with convenient access to funding through revolving credit lines. Institutions can access additional capital quickly and easily to meet the specific needs of their organization.

    Holding company term loans offer the additional capital and flexibility institutions need to take advantage of opportunities. Achieve the funding you require for acquisition and expansion efforts designed to advance your market position or refinance existing debt.

  2. Tailored Depository Services

    Through tailored depository services and integrated cash management solutions, you can enhance your treasury capabilities to increase return on assets and efficiently manage accounts.

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Treasury Management

We serve clients nationwide to help them increase the productivity of their treasury operations, gain greater visibility into their cash flow, and expand the revenue potential of their short-term assets.

High-Yield Money Market Account

Our high-yield money market account allows you to maximize returns on your idle cash with our competitive rates, while providing liquidity and stability so you can access your funds quickly and gain a steady stream of interest income.

Account Overview:

  • Market-leading interest rates
  • Interest on deposits is calculated on a 365-day basis
  • Interest accrues daily and is credited monthly
  • 6 withdrawals per monthly statement cycle
  • Online account access and integrated cash management services

Commercial Accounts

  1. Business Checking

    We offer secure and convenient services to manage cash flow and liquidity, tailored to the needs of business and institutional clients.

  2. Analysis Accounts

    Maximize your banking relationship with Analysis Accounts which also offer deposit capture and lock box services.

Analysis Accounts

In addition to the solutions offered through our Business Checking Accounts, Analysis Accounts provide remote deposit capture and lock box services.

Remote Deposit Capture

Conveniently scan checks in to your remote deposit platform. Utilize one-click electronic deposit capabilities through an encrypted website for a safe and user-friendly experience.

  • Deposits 24/7
  • Automated deposit slips
  • Easy account reconciliation
  • User-friendly reporting and accounting tools
  • Reduced fraud and return items

Lock Box Services

Process receivables quickly and simplify the handling of checks with business-to-business payments. These services are customized for your unique payment and collection needs.

  • Secure and efficient
  • Save time by streamlining collections
  • Accelerate payments
  • Reduce overhead costs and in-house processing
  • Provides audit control
  • Quick and accurate account management
  • Customized for your payment and collection needs