<b>Public Funds</b>

Public Funds

We offer tailored depository services and specialized interest-bearing accounts to meet the needs of Public Funds depositors. Our accounts are designed specifically for government and municipal agencies and the regulations and requirements they operate under.


Our high-yielding accounts generate returns on your idle cash, while providing liquidity and stability so you can access your funds quickly.

Our competitive rates follow the changes in the effective Federal Funds Rate. The principal balance is collateralized by a Letter of Credit issued and held by the FHLB Dallas to fully comply with the requirements of Public Funds.

Account Type

High-Yield Money Market for Public Funds


FHLB Dallas Letter of Credit

Interest Payments

Interest on deposits is calculated on a 365-day basis

Simple interest accrues daily and is deposited to your account monthly

Additional Features

6 withdrawals per monthly statement cycle – complimentary domestic and international wire services offered within this period

Online account access and integrated cash management services


Kroll Bond Rating: BBB+; Stable Outlook

IDC: 254 out of 300 rating  (used by FNMA, FHLMC, GNMA)*

NexBank also provides online banking for greater visibility and improved account management, allowing your team to access real-time information and transfer funds easily and quickly.


* IDC Financial Publishing, Inc. First Quarter 2019

The foregoing products and services are subject to change without notice.



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