When situations call for specific operational expertise, you should call on NexBank Capital Advisors. With a decade of proven results, our firm has helped companies achieve sustainable benefits in their business development and operational initiatives, and achieve improvements that generate bottom line impact and results. 

Enterprise Value Realization

Through the active management of your company’s financial, operational and strategic activities, you develop a structured framework that constantly evaluates strategy, analyzes performance and correctly remedies issues to capture positive change.  This systematic approach helps you accelerate growth and drive value creation throughout your company.

  • Process Sustainment
  • EBIDTA/ Cash Flow Capabilities
  • Leverage Business Capabilities
  • Mergers and Acquisition Strategy
  • Optimize Business Valuation
Strategy Deployment

Every company needs to strengthen the strategic alignment of their corporate objectives, business efforts and market opportunities.  Our professionals help you create a comprehensive plan that details the top-down and bottom-up process for each activity, so that major goals can be attained and your organization can drive the next level of change.

  • Profitability Analysis
  • Financial Transformation
  • HR and Organizational Assessment
  • Strategic Planning
  • Operational Excellence Deployment
Operations Improvement

To achieve rapid results, you need to develop, implement and monitor process improvements effectively.  Our team helps you identify which operational issues have the greatest financial impact to your company’s bottom line. We optimize your business by maintaining and growing processes which are working well, and fixing those that are underperforming.

  • Metrics Deployment
  • Change Management
  • Product and Services Design
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Process Improvement
  • Project Management
  • Capital Deployment Rationalization
  • Increased Profitability
Revenue Generation

With decades of operations and management experience, our professionals understand how to build a structure and process that supports your revenue generation strategy.  We partner with your professionals to effectively align your organization for the consistent execution of the strategy and the creation of profitable growth.

  • Market Analysis and Benchmarking
  • Risk Assessment and Modeling
  • Product and Service Rationalization
  • Margin Expansion
  • Revenue Generation and Market Exposure
  • Sales Activity Planning and CRM Deployment
Mergers & Acquisitions Support

Our professionals have decades of experience successfully planning and executing mergers and acquisitions for companies in a wide range of industries.  Whether you are interested in increasing market share or expanding your product or service platforms, our team can assist you in creating the right strategy for your company.

The Operations Advisory team works hand-in-hand with your management to assess your business. Through in-depth diligence efforts, we determine the initiatives and synergies critical to your organizational objectives and identify the targets that position your company for growth.

  • Target Identification
  • Due Diligence
  • Operational Synergies Analysis and Modeling
  • Post-Merger Integration
  • Quality of Earnings
  • Financial Assessment
  • Budget Planning
Training and Education

The Operations Advisory team delivers the latest insights in operational improvement and enterprise value creation.  Your professionals will develop a solid understanding of the concepts and methodologies behind each activity and how to successfully apply these methods for increased efficiency and effectiveness, stronger growth and expansion efforts, and positive and sustainable change.

Based on your specific needs we customize and deliver a training program to help you lead and execute improvement and growth initiatives throughout your organization.

  • Lean Transformation
  • Change Management
  • Operational Excellence
  • Six Sigma
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Strategy Deployment
  • Enterprise Value Realization
Real Estate Advisory

NexBank Realty Advisors provides property management and equity investment services for our real estate clients, delivering customized solutions for each unique engagement.  We use our professional expertise and industry relationships to help our clients reach their investment objectives.

Products and services offered through NexBank Capital Advisors are not insured by the FDIC; not a deposit, guarantee or obligation of NexBank; and are subject to investment risks, including possible loss of the investment principal.




Products and services offered through NexBank Capital Advisors are not insured by the FDIC; not a deposit, guarantee or obligation of NexBank; and are subject to investment risks, including possible loss of the investment principal.

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