<b>NexBank Credit Services</b>

NexBank Credit Services

With access to floating-rate, senior-secured corporate loans, community banks can expand their financial reach and diversify their loan portfolios with agency-rated loans.

  • NexBank holds investments in each loan and provides day-to-day loan administration, credit memos and compliance/reporting updates on a quarterly basis

  • Loan portfolios are available in a variety of purchase/sell platforms that can be customized to your financial interests

  • Fees are structured according to asset size

    • 65 bps on portfolio offerings from $15 million to $25 million

    • 55 bps on portfolio offerings above $25 million

    • $1 million minimum per issuer

  • Our group offers complementary services: portfolio accounting, servicing and remittance support services

  • Positions in floating-rate, senior-secured loans in investment-grade and near-investment-grade corporate credit

  • Floating rate coupons of LIBOR + 200-400 bps

  • Senior in capital structure

  • Protective covenants

  • Obligations issued by large public and private corporations

  • Attractive risk-adjusted yields with protection from rising interest rates

  • Rated by agencies including FDIC, S&P, Moody’s and Fitch






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